Tony Lowry
Richard Evans

Tony Lowry: I am fast approaching 60 years on this earth, for most of those years I have been involved in Game Keeping and all that goes with it, on a part-time basis at first and now full-time.

Deer Management and Stalking have always been my passion and part of my job. Working with dogs has also been something that has played a big part in my life too; so when I meet Kim Jorgensen in 2009 when he was giving a demonstration with his tracking dog, I and many of the other students had not seen the likes of before!  A dog that could track a wounded deer for many miles if needed; this was something that British stalking had not seen but should have in its arsenal, the ability to recover a wounded deer if need be.

Kim and I became good friends and he now comes to the UK on a regular basis to train and promote Tracking with the BDS Wessex Branch. Kim is part of the Danish RTA call-out register and also a Danish tracking judge.

I have passed the DSC levels 1 and 2 and also have passed the BDS deer management course. I have trained and worked many labs and spaniels to work with birds; I am on my third lab being trained to track wounded deer.

I am also part of Hampshire Police's Humane Animal Dispatch Team and also called out by the RSPCA. This involves ending the suffering of deer which are involved in road traffic accidents.

I myself am involved in training with the BDS Wessex Branch and Midlands Branch for their Dogs for Deer Days. I am also part of the NGO Training Team for their tracking courses.

It is my vision that all stalkers, whether they be recreational or professional, should have a trained tracking dog at their disposal should they ever need it. Most stalkers and people that are involved with deer have a huge passion for them, and I think they owe it to the deer to put things right should the wheels fall off.!!  Deer welfare should be number one!


Richard Evans: I am now in my mid 40's and have been a keen Deerstalker/Manager for over 20 years whilst still working in a forestry environment full time.  I originally started out as a Gamekeeper and Gun-Dog Trainer before moving into tracking dogs for deer work a few years ago. 

I hold both DSC 1 & 2.

I currently use Labradors for my tracking dogs but enjoy all aspects of dog work from the various breeds. 

Having shot and tracked many species of deer in the UK over the years, and various antelope and boar across the globe, this has presented many tracking experiences for me.  Along with the call-outs and RTC's this has helped to build my knowledge of tracking skills; along with running many training days.  From there I have progressed to joining and helping setting up UKDTR. 


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