Two deer recovered on movement days.

NGO Training Day 2015 -->


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A training day with the NGO.

Lab pup exposed to deer from an early age.

One of our team in Gloucestershire's Hanoverian scent hounds tracked this fallow after being called out, it only traveled 250 meters from the shot site.

Well done Rob..!

Another good recovery for Rob with his HS; this time it was a 30 hour old track on a gut shot fallow.

Shot site training on one of our introduction days.

This is a recovery on the first morning of Highclere Show.

Tony with the stalkers dog, as well as with Brit.

Tony and Brit recovering a roe buck from a field of rape.

A happy dog and handler after successfully completing their puppy test with Kim Jorgensen.

Kim Jorgensen and his Hanoverian scent hound after successful track. Click here for Kim's website.

Another recovery on a Movement Day.

A successful end to 1000 yard track on this roe doe. Having a dog that is under control is an essential part of UKDTR team.

Having a dog that is under control is an essential part of the UKDTR team.

Dedicated Track Team.

Keeping a confidential log of live tracks is recommended.

Shot site inspection is very important to aid any recovery.

Two UKDTR members looking carefully at this one.

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